Loan Types

Loan eligibility is based on creditworthiness and ability to repay


The credit union has three types of unsecured loans:

1) Term: You borrow a specified amount for a specified time.

2) Credit Line: You are approved for an amount and can make draws against it as you pay it back. Minimum draw: $250.

3) Credit Cards: Introductory rate as low as 7.9%.

Rates may be determined by using our rate adjustment policy.

Length of employment values: 

  • 1 yr to 2 yrs = $1,500
  • 2 yrs to 3 yrs = $2,000
  • 3 yrs to 5 yrs = $2,500
  • 5 yrs to 10 yrs = $3,500
  • 10 yrs to 15 yrs = $5,000
  • Over 15 yrs = $7,500

Minimum Payment $25, Maximum 30 mo. term. Past credit problems lower signature value $500 per item.

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One Pay Note

One Pay loans have no monthly payment but are due in full in  90-120 days.  This loan can be unsecured or secured.  (The debt ratio will be figured as if the loan were an installment loan)

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Quick Cash Loan

Quick Cash loans need no credit history qualification.  Member must  have direct deposit established at the credit union for at least two pay days before the loan will be issued..  Maximum amount is $500. Payments are due every payday. Max term: four months.

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Secured Loans

The credit union has two kinds of secured loans: (Use our Loan Calculator)

Secured Loans
Max Amount
Max Term
Auto Purchase $40,000 84 mo.
RV Purchase $50,000 60 mo.
Motor Homes $100,000 180 mo.
Mobile Homes $40,000 120 mo.
Auto Secured Loans
Max Amount
Max Term
Home Improvement $10,000 48 mo.
Misc. Annual Expense $5,000 12 mo.
Bill Consolidation $15,000 60 mo.

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Partially Secured Loans

This type of loan combines applicants’ allowed signature value with security (auto) value to increase lendable amount.  Minimum allowable payment amount: $25 monthly.

Please Note: This website is non-transactional. Please contact the CU directly @ 928-536-7484 for more information.

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